Are you feeling lost with your business and clients?


I hear you girl! When I first started Little Winks Sleep I felt like I didn't know what I was doing... and some of those head scratching clients made it tougher!

We have a unique opportunity to help parents and babies when they are at their most vulnerable. And we shouldn't take this lightly. My heart is to see every sleep consultant/coach thrive so they are able to make recommendations in the best interests of their clients. Sometimes, it's plain hard to know what to do!

Now you are able to book your own 1:1 call with Anna McMillan, owner of Little Winks Sleep. They have served over 1500 clients and constantly growing with 6 coaches, and 3 online courses.

Anna specifically focused on sleep in a way that promotes connection and attachment while giving clear and effective recommendations.

How does this work?

It's simple, go ahead and click which length of call you would like below. It will take you to payment and then you can pick a time. There are a variety of times available for all timezones. 

Then we will meet on Zoom to talk all things infant and toddler SLEEP!

Lauren - Tiny Stars Sleep

Working with Anna has brought me so much clarity! Her coaching calls always provide me with a huge wealth of information about business, boundaries and my clients. Working with Anna has given me a better perspective on how to serve my clients while maintaining healthy, sustainable boundaries. With Anna's guidance, I feel significantly more confident while working with my clients and am excited about the future of my business. I would absolutely recommend Anna to any other sleep consultants who are in the process of building their own business.

One hour Call

This is a great option if you have the details of your strategies and plans for your clients. We can go through your main concerns, clients, systems and boundaries. 

This gives us plenty of time to really hear what is happening, how you are able to better manage clients, business and life!

*CAD pricing available at checkout

Half hour Call

Sometimes when you've got a tough scenario on your hands, or struggling in a certain situation, we need a minute to talk it through. This is a perfect call if you have a tough client you'd like to dig into what is happening, or if you have only a couple of questions.

*CAD pricing available at checkout