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Toddlerhood is a walk in the park... JURASSIC PARK!

Challenging days... big emotions, misunderstandings, minor things turning into major and OHH the emotions... did I mention those?

You're not alone! Let's learn how to: 

  • Eliminate power struggles.

  • Connect on a deeper level with your toddler.

  • Avoid feeling lost and like you're "ruining" your child.

  • Feel confident in your parenting.

  • Raise emotionally healthy children who are resilient.

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Learning Your Littles


Are you exhausted by endless tantrums and getting nowhere with your toddler, but don’t want to resort to bargaining, threats or yelling?

Imagine if...

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You could pick up on your toddler's emotional cues before they meltdown.

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You could build daily routines that alleviate stress.

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You felt connected to your little one.

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You could have clear communication between you and your toddler.

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Everyone in your family and social circle felt safe and comfortable around your child.

Here's the great news

This is what Learning Your Littles is all about!

Say goodbye to:

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Those awkward post-daycare conversations about how your child hit, bit, or pinched another child.

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Resorting to yelling, timeouts, and spankings because you've tried everything else and it doesn't work.

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Exhausting tantrums at the grocery store, at the park, in the car, at home, and everywhere else.

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Feeling like you don't understand your child and can't control your child.

Learning Your Littles is for you if...

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Your child is between the age of 18 months to 6 years

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You feel lost in terms of how to connect with your child.

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The forms of teaching or discipline you’ve used haven’t been successful.

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You want to develop a secure relationship and common language with your child.

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Your little one needs help expressing their emotions verbally.

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You need strategies to communicate with and help teach your child to regulate.

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You’re exhausted from what isn’t working and don't know what to do.

You'll learn everything you need to know about:

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Understanding the brain

The three key parts of the brain that affect behaviour, and the three brain states from which your child processes their world.

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Establishing connections

 How to foster connection with your child in the midst of big emotions, learn strategies that work for calming the chaos, and create a plan that is child-centred and that supports your child back to a state where they are receptive to feedback and can co-regulate with you. 

Upset toddler covering face with hands

Stoplight Starts with You

Change the generational script and our assumptions about why we think our child is acting or reacting a certain way, and create a personal plan for getting back to a calm and functional state as a parent / caregiver when things aren’t going well. 

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Preventing tantrums

How to break the cycle of crying and tantrums, recognize unmet needs, and provide the presence and support your little one is asking for through their actions.

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Understanding anxiety

 Learn how anxiety develops, strategies to deal with change, and create an action plan for when big changes come. 

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Getting stuff done

We still need to be functional in the midst of the chaos. How do we move forward while in the process of learning The Stoplight Approach?

A Partnership between The Stoplight Approach & Little Winks Sleep:

Cherilyn Orr, mom, teacher, creator of the Stoplight Approach

Hey there I'm Cherilyn!

Founder and Creator of The Stoplight Approach

I developed The Stoplight Approach to help build safe schools, safe homes, safe communities, and resilient children. It is based on the latest research in brain science, as well as my years of experience as a teacher (early childhood, primary, special needs), as a mom to 7 children through birth and adoption, and as a foster mom. It is my passion to help parents, carers, and teachers build strong, healthy relationships with their children and their students.

Anna McMillan, co-creator, owner of Little Winks, certified sleep coach

Hey there I'm Anna!

Co-Creator, Owner of Little Winks, Certified Sleep Coach

Toddlers can be relentless with pushing boundaries - especially when it comes to sleep! When my oldest entered toddlerhood, I learned that very quickly!

In October 2018 I completed my certification and became a Certified Pediatric Sleep coach, and started Little Winks Sleep. 

I co-created the Learning Your Littles because I want every parent to have the tools they need to support their children to communicate well and to feel safe, secure, and connected.

Having a secure relationship with your child IS possible.


Get Learning Your Littles
iPhone with Learning Your Littles toddler sleep program on screen
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Choose a strategy that suits your family!

Each family is different, and each child is unique. It isn't a cookie-cutter solution ... in fact, connection is the solution!

Let's get you and your toddler connecting, understanding and moving forward so you can ENJOY one another.

All The Tools You Need To Build An authentic connection with your child

Setting an early foundation that for relationship that will last a lifetime.

Learning Your Littles


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See how The Stoplight Approach has changed life for other families!

Headshot of a smiling man wearing striped blue and orange shirt

J, father & teacher, Uganda

"After Stoplight training, I no longer shout at my wife or shout at my kids. I handle them as human beings."

Headshot of a smiling woman wearing white shirt

M, adoptive mom, Alberta

"Once we truly became a Stoplight home, it has changed how we parent our kids, it has changed the way we relate to each other as husband and wife, and as we relate as a  family. I use Stoplight wherever I can."

Headshot of a woman in red shirt with a necklace on

N, teacher & mom, Switzerland

"The Stoplight Approach really changed our lives."

Positive Instagram review of Little Winks Sleep infant sleep program, Learning Your Littles
Positive Instagram review of Little Winks Sleep infant sleep program, Learning Your Littles

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