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Free Nap Time Chart

This Nap Time Chart gives you a good understanding of what is happening with your little ones sleep. Suddenly you might notice things aren’t going as smooth as they once where, and it may be a clue that it is time to make adjustments.

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Nurturing newborn sleep gentle newborn sleep training

Nurturing Newborn Sleep™

Learning more about how to gently guide your newborn week by week into independent sleep skills so you never have to fully sleep train!

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Sleep Sleep Baby gentle sleep coaching
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FREE CLASS: Confidently Teach Your Toddler To Sleep Through The Night WITHOUT  Losing Your Patience

Get your evenings back, have time for yourself and your relationship, and be more present during the day by gently teaching your toddler how to fall asleep and stay asleep!

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Navigating naptime with Little Winks gentle sleep method for babies

Say good-bye to short naps...

And hello to naps lasting 1.5 hrs PLUS!

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Say goodbye to

endless toddler power struggles and HELLO to Peaceful Connection!

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A Comprehensive Guide for Travel with Little Ones

This Travel Guide is a Must Have if you are planning to travel with your children. Covering everything from air travel, road trips and train travel to packing lists and how to handle time zone changes, this guide will help you LOVE traveling with your littles!

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